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Below is an email we received from a woman that that was touched by the services provided through Medical Mission Adventures.

We would like to say to you and all the staff,

Thank You and may God bless, cover and favor all of you for giving your time and special gifts to so many people in need.

I want to share with you, that my son was at Calvary Assembly of God. He had signed up to be a volunteer runner and translator for the event after his Dentist appt, but praise the Lord because your event made sure to check all vitals before seeing patients, it was discovered for the first time that he was a diabetic.

His sugar was very high, he was seen by one of your doctors was given medication, he is now exercising and has asked me to help plan his meals, he is taking it very serious, I’m proud to say he has lost 6 pounds, so when ever any one says they are tired or want to give up because they don’t feel appreciated, please tell them, ANOTHER LIFE WAS SAVED BY GOD THROUGH YOU BECAUSE YOU WERE OBEDIENT!

 I would love to be a part of your team and also volunteer, to give back to the Lord, for giving the gift of more time  with my son.  I am a 3 time cancer survivor in the mist of recovery. and as soon as the Lord blesses me with full recovery, I would love to join your  team. For now I will continue  to pray for your  medical events and that you find a special little place for me  to bless others, as my family has been blessed.


If you are ready to join one of our medical teams, you must complete the three forms found under the "Forms" link on the 'Home' page of this website.

If you are prepared to donate medicines, materials, or supplies, please call us at (818) 890-3656.


MMA is a Registered 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization- All Contributions are Tax Deductible.